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Connecting with nature, play and the curriculum

Published on May 29, 2019

What an amazing year full of new learning experiences! Here are some of our major takeaways from our time at Evergreen Brick Works.

Catherine Kosik and Sara Nadeau.

During our time shadowing the Visiting Schools Program and researching curriculum connections for the Evergreen activities shared with teachers and children, we have seen children become more comfortable playing in nature over the course of just one day at Evergreen Brick Works. Even the most apprehensive children light up with joy when they get to climb, explore and play freely in the forest.

Going outside with children is possible no matter the weather. Given a large outdoor space to run around in, children will stay active outside. Let’s be honest, most children are dressed more appropriately for the weather than adults! If children are prepared for the weather with hats, rain gear, snow pants and mittens, they can play outside rain or shine!

Evergreen is a wonderful place where children can play freely and connect with nature while learning. One of our major projects was finding connections between the curriculum and the outdoor activities. We discovered that, as future educators, it's possible to incorporate outdoor play into the Ontario Curriculum expectations.

We have learned so much that we will use in our practice as teachers and we hope that all educators will be inspired to take their children outside to learn and connect with nature.

We hope that you too will explore the outdoors. Get out there and play!

Catherine Kosik and Sara Nadeau
Evergreen Brick Works Interns 2018/2019
Teacher Candidates
York University, Glendon Campus