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Building our future housing: Introducing the Ontario Affordable Housing Calculator

Our Ontario Affordable Housing Calculator will help policy makers and developers create more affordable units in our cities.

Two apartment buildings.

Published on August 14, 2018

Safe and affordable housing is the cornerstone of creating healthy, flourishing cities. Ensuring that everyone has a place to live that is in the right size, location and affordable is an integral part of creating better cities. But building affordable housing has proven to be a challenge in many of our communities, cities and provinces.

That’s why we created the Ontario Affordable Housing Calculator, a tool designed to support emerging municipal policies and incentive programs for new affordable housing in Ontario. 

Evergreen’s Ontario Affordable Housing Calculator, developed in partnership with Economic & Planning Systems Inc. and Grounded Solutions and with support from the Government of Ontario, was designed to support both housing developers and policymakers alike.

A screenshot showing the Ontario Affordable Housing Calculator.

The tool visualizes the kinds of incentives needed to build mixed income, mixed-use communities and calculates the feasibility of affordable housing projects, both in rental and ownership buildings.

Similar resources have helped U.S. cities, such as Atlanta, develop nuanced housing policies to better suit local market conditions while also maximizing the effectiveness of the program in terms of producing affordable housing units.

In Atlanta, the mayor was interested in developing a housing policy that would require affordable units in all new market-rate housing projects. Through the use of an affordable calculator, they were able to test various options for the percentage of affordable units required in different prototypes of housing developments most common in the city.

Explore the possibilities through the Ontario Affordable Housing Calculator or through one of our video tutorials of how to use the tool.

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