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Building 13: What’s In Store?

Published on April 08, 2009

Adaptive reuse, in a nutshell, involves finding new jobs for old buildings—a task we take seriously right across the site. In cases where we can’t repurpose an existing structure, its components can take on new life in new forms.

With permission from the Ontario Heritage Trust and the City of Toronto, we recently dismantled Building 13. We carefully stacked the roof panels, columns and concrete footings so we can reuse the materials in the future. (It is one of only two buildings to come down.)

Footings of Building 13 Footings of the now-dismantled Building 13

In 1972, Building 13 was a brand-new storehouse for dry-press and wire-cut bricks. Before that, until 1964, it was the site of the “Works” chimney, one of four smokestacks that together proclaimed “Don Valley Brick Works” for all to see.

In 2007, we used this open-air shed for the location of the first Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market. When we open in 2010, this space will be landscaped as a greeting area and will include walkways and the school bus drop-off zone.