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Artifacts Galore

Published on April 30, 2009

We recently cleared out Building 10 so that we could gain access to many interesting heritage artifacts that were stored within. We discovered pulleys, wheels, spindles and other mechanical parts used in the brick-making process.

Artifacts from the Don Valley Brick Works Artifacts from the Don Valley Brick Works (photo: Craig Boyko)

These artifacts provide evidence that even in its early years, the Don Valley Brick Works (DVBW) used a highly mechanized process. Advanced equipment was installed to create wire-cut bricks, pug mills mixed clay, and permanent kilns were built. As early as 1906 the DVBW created industry buzz by building a large continuous kiln (possibly the largest in North America).

Over the years, the DVBW led the industry in glazed brick production and in the early 1960s introduced a state-of-the-art production line for making sand/lime bricks. The pieces of equipment used in these processes are now heritage artifacts.

Each artifact will be tagged, documented and recorded in the artifact schedule, which takes note of condition, size, original location on site and unique markings. We will temporarily relocate and store each artifact to protect it for future interpretation.