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All Staff

Published on June 08, 2009

Every two months, we Toronto-based Evergreeners roll our chairs into the reception area, and spilling out down the halls, gather together for our All-Staff meeting. With our Vancouver counterparts present thanks to the wonders of speakerphone, we use this meeting to take a break from our hectic schedules to come together and share our successes, challenges and opportunities.

Last Thursday we opted for a change of scenery and held our meeting at Evergreen Brick Works. Three teams of cyclists took different routes from our downtown office to the site, where we perched on picnic tables in the open air of Building 6 to catch up on important news. After the meeting we donned hard hats and steel-toed boots for a tour of the construction zone: the physical manifestation of our work so far. Seeing the latest developments really gave us new perspective on the magnitude of the project.

Evergreen staff tour the kiln building Site Development Director David Stonehouse guides Evergreen staff through the kiln building

“It was great to get a glimpse of the site in transition,” says Eli McIlveen, Evergreen’s web developer. “It helped us appreciate the work the team has been tackling, prepping the foundations for the new construction and making sure it can all withstand massive flooding. There’s been constant change on this site for a century, and it’s exciting that we’re helping shape the next stage.”