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A Sign of the Times

Published on January 20, 2009

With 100 years of industrial heritage, thousands of years of cultural history and millions of years of natural heritage at the site, there are new discoveries at every turn. Recently, we unpeeled one layer of the site’s past, literally, when we took down a mural.

Mural by Sady Ducros The mural hung along Building 16 for 10 years.

Back in 1997, Toronto Region Conservation and the City of Toronto commissioned local artist Sady Ducros to create a piece of artwork that reflected various heritage elements of the site, including First Nations history, ecology, industrial heritage and geology. After 10 years of exposure to the elements, the 85-metre mural along the side of Building 16 was ready to come down. We will work with local artists to develop new public art installations on-site.

image Building 16 was built in 1956–57 and contains historic tunnel kilns, tunnel dryers and other artifacts.

Behind the mural we exposed a yellow brick wall lettered with Toronto Brick, a reminder of the site’s industrial heritage: in this case, 1928, the year the Toronto Brick Company was formed.

When we open in 2010, this space, the Brick Factory Heritage Centre, will be home to interpretive signage, guided tours and large-scale contemporary art installations.