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A New Cable Car Could Lead to Evergreen Brick Works

Published on February 20, 2016

Don Valley cable car poster

Imagine that you could get to Evergreen Brick Works from Broadview and Danforth via a cable car that travels over Toronto’s Don Valley. This idea has been put in motion by Toronto’s Steven Dale, the CEO of Bullwheel International Cable Car Corp., a company building and operating cable car systems in urban and recreational settings around the globe. The Don Valley Cable Car route will run the distance of about one kilometer and while travelling at a rate of 2.5 metres/second to 5 metres/second, it will take four to eight minutes to travel between the two stops. While this new gondola system could bring 500-1,500 riders back and forth each day, it is not intended to be a public transit project but rather a piece of recreational infrastructure like Toronto’s ferries.

Evergreen is a supporter and partner in the sense that this new Don Valley Cable Car will likely have a station at Evergreen Brick Works, land that Evergreen leases from the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA) and the City of Toronto. This project is privately funded, it is not an initiative that Evergreen is raising funds for.

The Don Valley Cable Car will provide an exciting way for Torontonians and tourists to visit our popular weekend Farmers Market, our children’s programs, the Evergreen Garden Market, Café Belong and even the cyclists that love to ride here will be able to travel back and forth with their bikes. The cable car concept aligns with Evergreen’s mission to create greener, more sustainable cities and it celebrates innovation, alternate transportation (albeit – recreational) and better access to nature—all things that our 25-year-old charity has been working to improve.

This project is a perfect complement to the Lower Don Valley trail improvements that will see better pathways along with improved biking and pedestrian access on Bayview Avenue. There could be no better way to appreciate the scale of our ravine and park system than by aerial view.

The Don Valley Cable Car project team will be on site at Evergreen Brick Works Saturday February 20, February 27 and March 5th to share their plans and answer questions. They will also be hosting a community information session on March 8th, 2016 in the Broadview and Danforth area of Toronto at the Estonian House.This meeting will provide all interested parties with a comprehensive understanding of the project and and relevant details.

Stakeholders will be invited to express their opinions on the project (both positively and negatively). These opinions will be collated and made available for public review. Names and contact details of participants will be kept strictly confidential.

Learn more about the public meeting and the project here.

By Manissa Patel, Director, Evergreen Brick Works

About Evergreen and Evergreen Brick Works
Evergreen is a national registered charity devoted to the environment of cities. Evergreen Brick Works is our showcase example of how we work to create shared spaces that positively impact people, their lives and the way the world works. It is a hidden gem, appreciated many, but still relatively unknown to Toronto. This could be an opportunity to draw attention to Evergreen Brick Works the place, and to inspire more people with the tangible proof that ideas can positively change the world.

don valley cable car.

don valley cable car poster.

don valley cable car poster

don valley cable car poster.