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A look at Youth Action Series 2017

Students in five different cities across Canada took part in Youth Action Series this May, with each event a unique exploration of the issues facing our urban areas.
Top image caption: Youth in Vancouver hosted a 'give a compliment, get a compliment' booth as part of Youth Action Series

Published on June 12, 2017

This May, 220 youth in five Canadian cities explored their communities and learned what makes them great, and what they may be lacking. At each event, youth engaged with a piece of their city that was new to them or that they may have previously overlooked.

In North Vancouver, youth filled a social sustainability gap by creating their own 100In1Day-inspired intervention series, testing the fabric of their city.

Youth in Montreal explored several urban and peri-urban agriculture projects and learned about what it takes to grow food for cities.

Calgary youth constructed bat boxes for a peri-urban conservation area, while Edmonton participants worked to improve the green space at their school.

Toronto’s Youth Action Series took students on a tour of initiatives happening at Evergreen Brick Works, taking part in everything from cycling workshops to learning to measure the health of urban streams.

Explore below to see snapshots from across the country!

The Youth Action Series is made possible thanks to the generous financial support and staff volunteers from HSBC Bank Canada.