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A Greener Garden Centre

Published on April 26, 2010

image The Evergreen Brick Works plant sale in 2008. (Photo: Evergreen)

Evergreen Gardens, our new plant and garden store is opening Friday, May 7. Part of Evergreen Brick Works, it will offer plants, material, hard goods, insight and ideas to urban gardeners looking to beautify their landscapes, grow healthy food and create a healthier city in their own backyards. It is the sort of work Evergreen, a national charity, has been supporting for 19 years now, in schools, parks and community lots throughout the country. Now it is coming home.

We’re doing things a little differently. First, unlike most nurseries we will not sell invasive plants; they are too damaging to our environment. And we will be minimizing packaging, offering reclaimed, reused and recycled products. Further, through certified training programs we will be employing youth eager to learn valuable job skills in the growing environmental sector.

Although we are selling goods, Evergreen Brick Works is a social enterprise, which means that earned revenues go right back to support our community-focused, mission-based activities (click here to learn more). And we are committed to working with suppliers who feel the same way, fellow businesspeople who want to do the right thing.

Your experience will be different too: we may be asking you to bring your own pail to take home rich, nutritious soil. Or donate materials to the site. And we will be inviting you to pitch in and help with your time, support and ideas. You’ll also find workshops, demos and forums where you can share your ideas and learn more from experts and fellow gardeners alike.

And that’s a good idea because the path to sustainability isn’t always clear. What does a sustainable garden look like? Is it organic? Native-plants only? Heritage species? And just how local is local? Toronto? Ontario? North America? These are some of the issues we’ve encountered as we source plants, products and prepare for our first season.

We want to know what you think. What would make a truly green garden centre? Leave a comment here and share your thoughts. And come down to see us at Evergreen Gardens so we can grow this together.