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Pairing beer and food: Muskoka Brewery tells us where to start

Our friends and partners at Muskoka Brewery dive into the elements of pairing beer and food ahead of Evergreen's Feast On BBQ.
Top image caption: Muskoka Brewery will be at Evergreen's Feast On BBQ in October, serving up beer pairings to compliment each food station.

Published on September 29, 2017

Ever gone out for dinner and ordered a pint, just to find out your beer of choice totally clashes with your meal? A problem no longer thanks to these tips from our friends and partners at Muskoka Brewery. Get your ticket now and taste their beer pairings at Evergreen's Feast On BBQ, our annual fundraiser, on Oct. 14!

Evergreen's Feast On BBQ

When pairing food with beer, there are three main concepts to keep in mind: cut, complement and contrast.

Food offered at previous Evergreen BBQ fundraiser.

1. Cutting: Sometimes food can have overwhelming or distinct flavours, and beer has a unique way of cutting through those flavours with refreshing crispness, or punchy bitterness. A great example of beer’s ability to cut through rich cheese, like a creamy goat cheese, is by pairing it with a crisp lager like Muskoka Brewery Craft Lager.

2. Complementing: When complementing, you try to pull out similar flavours from the food and the beer to highlight and accentuate that flavour. For example, juxtaposing a roasted chicken dish with a beer that is characterized by roasted malt flavours, like Muskoka Brewery Cream Ale.

Feast On chefs will be serving up unlimited BBQ at Evergreen's Feast On BBQ.

3. Contrasting: Pull out two opposing flavours out of the beer and food, and allow them to go head to head, with the key being to make sure that they can stand up to one another. Our example? A citrusy, bitter session India Pale Ale, such as Muskoka Brewery Detour paired with a spicy Thai dish.

Let’s dissect one of the curated food and beer pairings that will be available at Evergreen's Feast On BBQ at Evergreen Brick Works on Saturday, Oct.14th.

Café Belong will be on site, featuring a dish of Roasted Ontario Harvest Elk, carved and served on grilled naan with a rosemary corn relish and roasted garlic aioli. Muskoka Brewery has decided to pair this dish with Harvest Ale, an American style IPA brewed with all-Ontario ingredients. The bitterness from the grassy hops will contrast the savoury flavours of the roasted elk, while notes of stone fruit and mango in the body of the beer will cut the heaviness of the meat, and cut through any fatty flavours. The slight spiciness through the finish will complement the rosemary and herbs in the dish.

Hungry to buy your ticket yet? Get your fill of this and other dishes from top Ontario chefs at our all-you-can eat BBQ.

Keep the three Cs in mind as you try all of the dishes at Evergreen's Feast On BBQ and enjoy all of the pairings that have been put together to amplify and elevate the experience!