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7 Ways to Make People Smile

Published on March 16, 2016

Three girls smiliing.

Not sure how you can make a difference in your city? Why not start simple and aim to do something that makes people smile. What benefits does smiling bring? Well, smiling is a natural mood booster and stress reliever, even when you’re faking it. It is also the universal sign for happiness; so ingrained in human social behaviour that you know how to smile the instant you are born. So make someone’s day, make your own day, with these 7 easy ways to produce smiles. 

Hold the door: Chivalry might be dead, but holding the door or the elevator for someone is still an easy way to get a lasting grin.

Say hi to strangers: Have you met your neighbours yet? What about the guy you buy your bus pass from? You don’t need to find out their mother's name to have someone crack a smile. Just say hi!

Offer your seat in a crowded place: If you’re able to stand and offer your seat to someone who could use it more, do it. They’ll appreciate it, more than you know.

Laugh! It’s contagious: Don’t just write ‘lol’, actually laugh out loud. It’s nature’s best medicine and is guaranteed to have everyone around you raising the corners of their mouths.

Share your cookie: Have something worth sharing? Split it up and give some to those people around you who could use a pick me up.

Lend a hand: Offering to help is good, getting in and lending a hand is even better.

Smile first: Your smiles count too!

Here are 100 more ideas that can make people smile.