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7 Ways to Deck Out Your Bicycle—DIY Style!

Published on June 14, 2016

Learn how to decorate your bike DIY style.There are loads of ways to personalise your bike, be it by your bell, basket or spray-painting your entire frame to be a reflection of your unique style.

Here are a few of our top picks for easy DIY-friendly ways to deck out your ride!  

1. Decorate Your Spokes! 

Learn how to decorate your bike spokes. Evergreen.

Using colourful straws or even pipe-cleaners, this is a fun, temporary way to add some pizazz. It's super-kid friendly too!

2. Upgrade Your Seat

Learn how to make a customized bike seat cover. Evergreen

Learn to make a customized cloth seat cover with this easy tutorial.

3. Polka-dot Your RideLearn how to decorate your bike with a fun design. Evergreen

This is as easy as peel and stick. You could also be done with shelf liner or vinyl wallpaper. 

4. Become Spacey with Headgear
Learn how to make a fun R2D2 bike helmet. Evergreen

Whatever your age, this R2D2 Helmet is too cute to not try to DIY. You could make matching ones for you and your kids.

5. Wrap Your Frame

Handlebar tape wrapping is as easy as wrapping your hockey stick.

6. Decorate Your Basket
Learn to decorate your bike basket with flowers. Evergreen

Get some glue, fake flowers (or real) and go to town in whatever patterns, colours or shapes your heart desires.

7. Let Your Streamers Fly
Fun handle bar streamers for your bike. Evergreen.

This is easy for the kids or for your ride to work. Just grab some ribbons and follow these instructions.

... and for those of you who just want to ride in style to your next dinner party, check out this amazing wine bottle holder from the Evergreen Garden Market. All it takes is a quick buckle and the merlot is locked in until the party.
A leather bike wine rack.Evergreen.