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6 Ideas to Reduce the Eco-footprint in Your Neighbourhood

Published on March 16, 2016

Community members painting a mural on their street. (Photo: Ellen Li)

A how-to guide to spread the word and promote your own Project Green Bloc

  1. Build a community garden

    Build your own garden with neighbours to grow your own veggies. This Food Gardening Guide (PDF) was created for schools to use in their greening projects but it's a valuable, comprehensive tool for anyone looking to start an outdoor garden.

  2. Start beekeeping

    Check out Hives for Humanity to find out how you can bring bees to your community.

  3. Design a street mural

    Create and paint a mural masterpiece with your neighbours as a reminder of your community initiative.

  4. Build a community bulletin board

    Post notes and signs on the board to keep each other informed of community initiatives.

  5. Start a “free store”

    Build a space or find an existing one where people can put items they no longer use so that others can take them for free.

  6. Implement a recycling option

    If your block, apartment or complex doesn’t already recycle certain items (like batteries), get motivated neighbours to alternate taking recycling to the depot or transfer station.

Want some more helpful how-to's?

Check out How One Vancouver Neighbourhood Reduced Their Ecological Footprint.