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5 Great Ideas that Were Thought of Over Beers

Published on March 16, 2016

Whether it’s the companionship of friends, the moody ambiance of pubs or the suds themselves, beers seem to be a common companion to great ideas. Here are 5 awesome ideas that happened while enjoying a cold one.

The founders for Uber came up with the idea with the help of music and drinks while in Paris. "Jamming on ideas, rapping on what's next is what entrepreneurs do. Garrett and I would get some good music, good drinks and jam until 5am. Garrett's big idea was cracking the horrible taxi problem in San Francisco — getting stranded on the streets of San Francisco is familiar territory for any San Franciscan. Garrett's m.o. fits the Uber brand. He likes to roll in style, comfort and convenience. His over-the-top idea in Paris that winter started as a limo timeshare service."

Ironman Triathlon
Believe it or not, the world’s biggest events dedicated to feats of strength and endurance was thought up over a few beers at a banquet.

The United States Marine Corps.
In 1775, after a meeting of the Naval Committee of the Continental congress, the Tun Tavern became the birthplace of the United States Marine Corps. The tavern’s patrons included Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and two of the first Marine officers Samuel Nicholas and Robert Mullan.

It is said that J.K. Rowling created the game Quidditch for her series of Harry Potter books in a pub after having a fight with her then-boyfriend. “In my deepest, darkest soul,” she said, “I would quite like to see him hit by a bludger.”

100in1day (first known as 100en1dia) was started in 2012 by a group of students in Bogota, Colombia that intended to launch six urban interventions that would maximize the potential of their city. Over beers they decided to be more ambitious and launch 100 urban interventions that would take place in one day. On May 25, 2012, over 250 urban interventions took place in Bogota, and a phenomenon was born. It has since spread to over 14 cities around the world.



Here are 100 more great ideas that may or may not have been thought of over beers.