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100in1day—Intervention Leader Checklist

Published on March 21, 2016

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So you're hosting an intervention for 100in1day? Great! We know there are lots of details to go through, and sometimes it's hard to know where to start. To help we've put together this handy-dandy checklist for you to ensure you have all the tools you need for your intervention to be a success.


  • Gather resources
  • List the materials including additional people you will need
  • Identify the source of each material
  • Identify the location of the intervention
  • Determine how materials will be transported to the site
  • Contact friends, family and coworkers for help in advance, for pre-event preparations and on the day of


  • Putting the word out
  • Logos, posters and social media content are available for you to customize for your event here
  • Share the link to your intervention from the website
  • Use the #100in1day hashtag (customize to city TO, HAM & VAN) and attaching @EvergreenCanada
  • Connect with local community leaders, BIAs and businesses to help spread the word and to help provide the materials you need
  • Tell all your friends and family and ask them to also spread the word and help with your event
  • Contact your local city Councillor. They can list your intervention in their newsletter and/or website – for a list of Councillors
  • Print out a poster using our templates and distribute it widely near the location of your event a few days before to get people to drop by. Coffee shops, public notice boards and community centres are good places to post them
  • Planning an intervention in a park? Contact Park People, invite your local “Friends of …” Park group to attend and spread the word 
  • Connect with Intervention Leaders in your neighbourhood to assist each other with promotion and to share ideas. We can provide you with a list of all of the interventions


  • Day of Intervention – June 4
  • Set up your intervention as planned
  • Have fun, and be mindful of how people experience your intervention. Stay safe and clean-up any mess or garbage left as a result of your activity. Remember: You are making Toronto a better place!
  • Take photos of your event. Get action shots and ones of people smiling and participating
  • Share them using the #100in1day hashtag (customize to city TO, HAM & VAN) and attaching @EvergreenCanada
  • Keep track of your results – number of participants, comments, what worked/what didn’t
  • If media comes, be prepared to discuss your intervention. Keep a record of who came, and follow up to see if your intervention was covered. Let us know, we’d love to share your moment in the spotlight

After your Intervention

  • Clean up any garbage that resulted from your intervention. Leave no trace! (Unless it is art and you have had permission to do so) 


  • Share your photos and results online using the #100in1day hashtag (customize to city TO, HAM & VAN) and attaching @EvergreenCanada
  • We will follow up with you post-event to request your feedback via a survey
  • Share your stories! Send an email or blog post to or tweet to us. We want to know how it all went
  • Please email us your photos from the interventions. You can send via Dropbox, WeTransfer or Flickr. We would love to use these in the future.


  • Share your stories with other 100in1day Intervention Leaders at our Wrap Party on June 17, 2016 from 6–9pm at Evergreen Brick Works. Food & beverages are provided.