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100in1day Inspiration Toolkit

Published on March 22, 2016

A group of young women jumping for joy.

Do you have a positive city changing idea? We want to hear it! No notion is too small or too BIG for the 100in1day urban festival. Whether you’re looking to get your idea off the ground or trying to figure out what exactly an intervention is—this 100in1day inspiration toolkit is the perfect resource to get your idea from thought to reality.

100in1day participants smiling for the camera.
Toronto's skyline.
Two people clinking their beer glasses together.
A 100in1day participant.
A person drawing ideas on a large piece of paper.
People walking down a laneway.
A man painting a mural.
A look down a laneway.
Two women exchanging plants.
A group of people piling their hands together.
A 100in1day participant on a swing in an alleyway.