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101 Ideas for 100in1day

Published on March 21, 2016

A girl on a swing in a laneway.

Need some inspiration for 100in1day. Here are 100 + 1 ideas for the urban festival for you to use or to inspire another idea fo your own.

  1. Puppy Kissing Booth
  2. Love Letters to Anyone, anywhere, anytime
  3. Streets parties
  4. Start Beekeeping
  5. Dance parties
  6. A neighbourhood clean-up
  7. An interactive art project
  8. Host a skill sharing workshop
  9. Host a vegetarian cooking class
  10. Activating a public space in a new way
  11. Handmade instrument parade
  12. Build a community bulletin board
  13. Flash mob dance party
  14. Living statues installation
  15. Large living art—spell out a name or make an image
  16. Hairstyling in the street
  17. Mud-pie pool
  18. Free lemonade stand
  19. Swimming-pool-less pool party (grab noodles and floaties and “swim” with friends)
  20. Box forts- build a castle
  21. Better yet… Make box art!
  22. Start a free store
  23. March around the neighbourhood in colourful costumes
  24. Activating an unused or forgotten space
  25. Host a bike repair or bike riding workshop
  26. Make sand castles
  27. Sidewalk chalk art
  28. Map out buried river(s) 
  29. Turn your laundry room into a party or social
  30. Host an open jam session at your local park
  31. Have a backyard garden? Invite neighbours and passerby’s to see it and give them tips on how to start their own
  32. Implement a neighbourhood recycling option
  33. Have a healthy smoothie potluck
  34. Paint your laneway
  35. Host a board game party
  36. Create DIY wayfinding signs in your neighbourhood 
  37. Make seed bombs in your park
  38. Host a tour through your favourite neighbourhood
  39. Make a bulletin board for your building 
  40. Host a tree plant
  41. Make someone smile 
  42. Makes places for people to play
  43. Make Art
  44. Plant a Container Garden
  45. Dance
  46. Host a zero waste workshop
  47. Get people’s opinions
  48. Interact with strangers
  49. Take over a street
  50. Teach someone how to do something new
  51. Build a community garden
  52. Have a beach party
  53. Bring an indoor activity outdoors
  54. Activate an area you love
  55. Make people breakfast
  56. Decorate a space
  57. Throw a street party
  58. Plant a butterfly garden
  59. Write a love letter to your city
  60. Set up a repair shop
  61. Host a Seed Swap or Plant Exchange
  62. Take a group bike ride
  63. Hold a movie night
  64. Play a concert in a public space
  65. Play a game of broken telephone
  66. Take a tour of your neighbourhood
  67. Share your love of animals with strangers
  68. Showcase your culture
  69. Cook for people
  70. Better yet, teach people to cook for favourite meal
  71. Host a tour of your neighbourhood laneways
  72. Throw some seed bombs
  73. Use garbage as art
  74. Throw a welcome party for those visiting your city
  75. Play a giant game of hopscotch
  76. Tell people's stories
  77. Share your tools, and work with your neighbours to help them fix things around the house
  78. Green your child’s schoolyard
  79. Create a mural in a laneway
  80. Help people navigate public transportation
  81. Plant a raingarden
  82. Help turtles cross the road
  83. Organize a laneway crawl
  84. Organize a group canoe paddle
  85. Do an art swap
  86. Have a big neighbourhood game of capture the flag
  87. Organize a group nature hike
  88. Do a city scavenger hunt, or design one for others
  89. Explore your cities river system (or lost river system)
  90. Activate an old bridge
  91. Do yoga in the park
  92. Put up hammocks around the city
  93. Plant in mobile containers
  94. Activate a digital space
  95. Organize an art crawl
  96. Help people navigate the public transportation system
  97. Have a poetry jam
  98. A rap battle
  99. Celebrate water
  100. Build a Yurt or a Yome
  101. Teach people how to reduce their ecological footprint