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Our Supporters

The impact of Evergreen’s work is made possible by our donors, partners and supporters. Whether through programming at Evergreen Brick Works or in communities across the country, we are building flourishing, sustainable cities together.

Each month we will feature three snapshots of our diverse supporters. Learn about what makes them so passionate about the work of Evergreen.

August 2019 Snapshots

Corporate Partner: Aphria Inc.

Plant Positivity Aphria Inc.

Aphria Inc.’s Plant Positivity platform – designed to champion plants and their benefits to improve our collective well-being and that of the planet – is an excellent match for the work of Evergreen. With their partnership, six new garden spaces were launched at Evergreen Brick Works, adding more than 50 varieties and more than 2,000 native plant species to the existing 8,000-square-metres of gardens across our site. These gardens will serve to further our joint missions of creating access to green spaces for communities, while working to create flourishing and sustainable cities.

"Finding ways to give back and fostering stronger, healthier communities everywhere Aphria operates is the core of who we are. Countless studies have shown that increased exposure to plants and green spaces contributes to overall well-being. Through our Plant Positivity Gardens at Evergreen Brick Works, we hope to make a meaningful impact on people's lives." - Irwin D. Simon, Interim CEO, Aphria Inc.

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Volunteer: Sarah Tran

Sarah Tran Volunteer Profile

Before joining Evergreen’s volunteer team in 2016, Sarah Tran was a frequent visitor to Evergreen Brick Works.  Finding so much joy in her visits to the Brick Works, she decided to get involved in a tangible way, and began her volunteer journey with Evergreen as a rink attendant, supporting the accessible skating programs.  Her volunteer experience has grown vastly since she first became involved, with her offering her time to support initiatives like Drop Swap and Shop, Urban Agriculture, and Active Living.

Sarah feels very closely connected to the mission of Evergreen, and believes that it is extremely important to share the skills and values that she has gained with the Grade 5 and 6 students that she teaches. Through her volunteer work, she endeavours to set an example for the kind of active, global citizens that her students can become.

“Evergreen Brick Works holds special meaning to me as a place where I can learn about our local environment and what we can do to make it sustainable, partake in physical activity that allows me to relieve myself of the stresses of everyday life, and be at peace with nature. From the Brick Works’ infancy to my continued support in programming at Evergreen Brick Works, I have seen how the Brick Works campus has evolved into a leading example of how humans can positively contribute to the natural and built environments that exist around them and reap the benefits of this mutual relationship!”

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July Snapshots

Corporate Partner: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has a long-standing history of investing in the communities in which they operate. Though partnerships and volunteering with partner organizations, they help make communities thrive and simultaneously build strong, healthy economies.

For the past 3 years, Bank of America Merrill Lynch has partnered with Evergreen providing bursary support for our Visiting Schools program and increasing student engagement. For the second year in a row, they have championed the creation of our Cultural Performing Arts Series – a seven month celebration of music and dance at Evergreen Brick Works. Their passion for bringing people together and educating future generations is inspiring!

“Bank of America Merrill Lynch is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor of Evergreen’s Cultural Performing Arts Series at Evergreen Brick Works. Evergreen and the many initiatives they champion closely align with our firm’s global and local Environmental, Social and Governance values, which makes us great partners“. – Gaylen Duncan, Country Operating Officer

Donor: Ellie Givertz-Steel

Ellie Givertz-Steel

When you become a Bat Mitzvah, you take on the responsibility of performing charitable acts – or “tzedakah“, which literally means “justice“. Ellie decided that instead of receiving gifts for her Bat Mitzvah, she would ask her family and friends to donate to Evergreen’s Visiting Schools Bursary Program. Ellie was inspired by Evergreen’s mission to create flourishing cities, and felt that our vision fit with the verses from the Torah that she would be reading, which teach that if we don’t allow the land that feeds us to recover, we risk losing the land forever.

Ellie wanted to ensure that other young people like herself would be able to experience the same connection to nature that she herself enjoyed and appreciated; funding the Bursary program would help bring more students in the GTA to Evergreen Brick Works and enable them to benefit from the many different areas of programming on site.  ”I hope that the donations from my family and friends allow Evergreen to connect with more kids, so that they can experience nature in the city and feel a real connection to both.”

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Volunteer: Mick Malowany

Mick Maolowany

Mick came to Evergreen in the summer of 2017 as a volunteer and in search of an outlet—a cause that would channel his passion for sustainability and allow him to grow beyond his career as a software engineer. When he signed up with the Don River Valley Park (DRVP) program as a Park Advocate, he got more than he bargained for: within a few months, Mick was so inspired by the challenges and benefits of building a livable city, that he started mapping out a career change out of technology and into city-building and urban innovation.

Through his volunteer work with the DRVP, he became involved with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority as a member of the Regional Watershed Alliance and the Youth Council Steering Committee, and is now going on to pursue a Masters in Engineering for Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge this October.

“The mission and values of Evergreen really resonate with me, and got me to think about sustainability in a much broader sense—to recognize how tightly all of our urban issues are tied together, and how that complexity and entanglement creates both challenges and opportunities. There’s something unique about Evergreen Brick Works too, both as a space and as a community. The opportunity you find here, to engage with people and issues at such a local level, to have a tangible impact, to learn, to educate, to activate, and to create… it really got me hooked.”