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Jo Flatt, MPP

Senior Lead
Jo Flatt headshot.

Jo is a Program Director at Evergreen. She has spent the past several years delivering programs in communities across Canada. Currently, Jo is co-leading the program development of a national initiative, the Community Solutions Network, to support the digital and technological literacy of municipal and Indigenous leaders as part of the Smart Cities Challenge. Prior to that, Jo built Evergreen’s Mid-Sized Cities Program to enhance the social, economic, and environmental prosperity of Ontario’s mid-sized cities. She has led numerous policy development and consultation efforts including the City of London’s Urban Agriculture Strategy and the City of Toronto’s laneway housing policy. Jo is also an instructor at the Munk School of Public Policy School at the University of Toronto, where she teaches how to influence and policy from outside of government.

Area of expertise

Data and technology in cities

Municipal engagement

Mid-Sized Cities

Community engagement and national convenings

Learning and research development

Laneway suites


Recent publications

Mid-Sized Cities Research Series Introduction: Making Space for Change

How to be Smart(er) in Mid-Sized Cities in Ontario