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Indy Johar

Future Cities Canada Fellow
Indy Johar headshot.

Indy Johar is a Senior Fellow for Future Cities Canada, providing direction  in the development of its innovation programs. He is co-founder of 00, a Senior Innovation Associate with the Young Foundation and Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield. On behalf of 00, Indy has co-founded multiple social ventures, from Impact Hub Westminster to Impact Hub Birmingham and the HubLaunchpad Accelerator, along with working with large global multinationals and institutions to support their transition to a positive Systems Economy. He has also co-led research projects such as The Compendium for the Civic Economy, while supporting several 00 explorations/experiments including the and

Indy is an Advisor to the Earth Security Initiative, a director of WikiHouse Foundation, a co-founder of the Research Laboratory and Skunk Works. He is a Fellow of the RSA; Respublica Fellow; JRF Anti-Poverty Strategy Programme Advisory Group member; member of the Mayor of London's SME Working Group; and most recently, a member of the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission.