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Message from Geoff Cape, Evergreen CEO on $1.25 Billion in Government Funding to Flood Protect Toronto’s Port Lands

This is a big moment for Toronto and for Canada as three levels of government collaborate on the restoration of Toronto’s waterfront and lay the groundwork for a progressive, sustainable, green city for the future - a model for the world.  

The environmental restoration of the mouth of the Don River will help us connect the spectacular 45,000-acre ravine system and 2.1 million-acre greenbelt to the shores of Lake Ontario. 

Within this vast greenspace, we look forward to the realization of the Don River Valley Park, 480 acres spanning from Evergreen Brick Works to the mouth of Lake Ontario. The 'Super Park', a project by Evergreen in partnership with the City of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, will breath new life into the Don Valley, connecting urban neighbourhoods and their communities to valuable greenspace to enjoy its trails, the river and public art to and from the waterfront. We know that access to these great spaces is key to creating flourishing cities.

This is a great moment for all of us who love the ravines and the lake. 

Toronto now has the opportunity to show the world how to restore and revitalize a former industrial portland into a thriving green community to live, work and play.

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