Evergreen Turns 25!

In the twenty-five years since our inception, Evergreen has become Canada’s pre-eminent advocate for sustainable cities. Our programs have engaged millions of people and literally changed the landscape of our cities, towns and villages from coast to coast to coast. Our vision—to innovate and provoke action to enable flourishing cities in Canada—has been validated by Canada’s broadening urban agenda and the relative success of our cities internationally. Today, 86 percent of Canadians live in urban areas. The need for healthy, vibrant, green cities in Canada has never been more important. At Evergreen we wake up every morning with a focus on ideas to help catalyze action to improve people’s lives in cities and connect PEOPLE + NATURAL + BUILT WORLDS. We focus on making real stuff happen. We engage with communities, academics, business leaders and governments optimistically because good things happen when we work together constructively to build sustainable cities together. At Evergreen we facilitate change together.

Evergreen’s 25th anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate our successes and accomplishments that have been possible thanks to our supporters and communities—the activists, donors, partners, families, community and government leaders. It is a time of celebration, a moment of renewal and a time to re-imagine our future.

Never have we been more grateful to the city builders and volunteers who have dedicated more than 593,000 hours to advance urban initiatives, encouraged by the 3,777,897 sq/m naturalized nationwide and inspired by the 2,480 schools who have taught the value of nature to nearly two million children (1,999,764 to be exact!) across the country.

We are proud of the successes we have accomplished together with our partners; proud of our collective positive impact on the environment; proud of the progress we have made in building healthy cities.

Most of all, we are motivated to keep going, keep working on making the vision a reality, to do more, to think outside of the box, to develop innovative and creative-but-practical ways to achieve our vision.

550+ communities transformed in our first 25 years! We’re celebrating the impact that has made on Canadians from coast to coast to coast and we’re grateful for all of your support.

The Evergreen City Builders Awards recognize and celebrate change makers across Canada who are making our cities flourish by connecting people + natural + built worlds.

Evergreen and our partners are dedicated to honouring bold leadership through presenting the following awards:

  • The CRH Urban Innovator Award
  • The TD Future City Builder Award
  • The Toyota Playground Placemaker Award