Evergreen City Builders Awards

The Evergreen City Builders Awards celebrate change makers across Canada who are making our cities flourish by connecting people + natural + built worlds.

Evergreen City Builders are bold, courageous, caring and dedicated. They are creative thinkers and do’ers. They are collaborators who catalyze action. They are leaders. They don’t sit on their hands expecting a more sustainable future to arrive/their cities to flourish—they are creating it through their actions today.

The Evergreen City Builders Awards were initiated by the Evergreen team to celebrate and honour great Canadian city builders.

Read about the 2016 Award Winners.

Sponsored by ToyotaToyota Playground Placemaker Award

This award recognizes outstanding innovation in the creation or activation of a Children’s Nature Playground.

The nominee must demonstrate leadership in creating an innovative, natural outdoor environment for children and may do this in her or his capacity as a designer, educator, program director or learning grounds animator. This individual always puts the needs of children first and demonstrates a collaborative and participatory approach in her/his work.

Learn more about 2016 Award Winner Sandy Clee.

Sponsored by TDTD Future City Builder Award

Let’s celebrate dynamic youth (age 18 and under) who have taken action to instigate change in their community.

This award recognizes a young Canadian who is making her/his park, school, community hubs or other public space into a better place by leading change through action and collaboration. The changes that this young leader is inspiring are created through participatory and democratic processes that take into account social, environmental and economic objectives.

Inspiring young Canadians from coast to coast are leading the way and now is the time to recognize and celebrate their innovation and leadership.

Sponsored by CRHCRH Urban Innovator Award

Let’s celebrate passionate city builders!

This award recognizes an individual who is working at a city-sized scale to change systems and influence urban infrastructure in one or more of the following areas: housing; transportation; public space; technology and innovation.

A disrupter either from the boardroom, community hub or city/town hall, a CRH Urban Innovator Award nominee has triggered policy or governance change in support of building a flourishing city.

Learn more about 2016 Award Winner Tonya Surman.