Our services

We can help every step of the way.

From school ground transformations to regenerative community design, we’re here to help you create vibrant public spaces for a healthier future. We work alongside community leaders and placemakers, equipping them with the skills and resources they need to help bring their ideas and solutions for better public places to life. Our five service areas focus our efforts and cover the broad scope of expertise we bring to the table.

Training and mentoring

Are you an educator, community leader, policy builder or place maker? Our team of experts offers support, guidance, and resources to help elevate your own placemaking capabilities.

School ground transformation

We can partner with your school board to transform their school grounds to support the development of happy, healthy children in a nature-filled, climate-ready environment.

Community-based design

From idea to action, we can work with you and your community to co-create a vision for regenerative places where people and nature can grow together for generations to come.

Resource sharing

We’re fortunate to sit at the centre of an incredible national network of community placemakers and investors. Access hundreds of valuable resources that you can use to create your own regenerative public places.

Hosting and connecting

Our events bring together community members, placemakers, and investors from the private and public sectors to exchange ideas on the future of our cities and the role of public places in creating a healthier future for people and our planet.

The impact

Our services enable us to tackle each of our four priorities at a different level, whether we’re breaking ground or taking a systems-level approach.

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