Welcome to the start of something new! If you’ve found your way here, it means you’re interested in becoming an Evergreener — and that’s great because it’s our people that make this place so special.


Every Evergreener brings something unique to the culture; each of us shares the same passion for transforming public spaces for the health of people and our planet. And together, we’re able to experiment, have fun, and ultimately experience the shared joys of making a real difference.

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Why work at Evergreen


At the heart of Evergreen is community – a community made of different backgrounds, expressions, experiences and giftings. From Evergreeners to partners and investors to visitors, we’re brought together through our shared passion and purpose, which creates a deep and abiding connection.


Purpose guides everything we do, and that focus enables every employee to play their part in making a tangible impact on the communities we serve and promises a true sense of fulfillment through the work.


Our culture promotes continuous learning, development, and innovation, which makes it the ideal place to grow in your career and reach your full potential.


We know of no other city office in Canada that offers the same unexpected delights as our Evergreen Brick Works location. There’s something magic about coming to work under a canopy of trees in exactly the type of place we want everyone to have access to.


Our values

We prioritize relationships

Our teams focus on working closely with each other and communities, ensuring every voice has equal weight and value as we deliver impact together.

We learn and grow every day

Our teams test ideas on the ground and embrace a learner’s mindset to find and bring to life innovative solutions with the communities we serve.

We leave behind a better world

Our teams leave places better than they found them and plant seeds for a healthier world tomorrow.

Our Team

The perks of being an Evergreener

More time for you
Your health is important to us
Little moments of joy and discovery
More time for you

Evergreeners gets their birthday off, three Evergreen Days to celebrate personal or professional milestones, access to flexible work hours and locations, and summer hours. All of this ensures that you can take care of yourself while doing meaningful work.

Your health is important to us

Through health benefits, mental health support, and employee resource groups, we care for the physical, mental, and social health of Evergreeners. After all, the road to healthier people and a healthier planet begins with us.

Little moments of joy and discovery

Joining Evergreen immediately gives you access to the perks of our Toronto Attractions Council membership and a discount at our Garden Market and on-site cafe. So you can enjoy art, culture, and cheaper coffee; what’s not to love?

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Equal Opportunity Statement

Evergreen is committed to providing a rewarding experience for our staff and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. We value the skills, experience, enthusiasm and contributions our staff bring. We adhere to the principle of the right to equal treatment without discrimination. If you require specific accommodations in order to apply for a role, please let us know.

Your workspace as an Evergreener