Published on September 5, 2023

A recap of the 2023 Adventure & Bike Ventures Camp season

Thank you for an amazing season!

We just wrapped up the largest ever Adventure & Bike Ventures Camp! As summer comes to an end, we want to take this moment to celebrate our 2023 Adventure & Bike Ventures Camp season and express our gratitude to everyone who made this summer wild, fun and creative.


It was great seeing campers exploring the quarry on foot and bike, braiding bracelets, crafting with willow, building shelters, engraving wood cookies, telling stories using story stones, singing camp songs during the camp concert, learning about bird calls, pushing their confidence levels with risky play and so much more. Even though it was hot amd humid on some days, campers stayed cool with water play, indoor running games, nature crafts and lots of water breaks throughout the day.


Shoutout to all our campers, camp counsellors, staff and volunteers who made the 2023 Adventure & Bike Ventures Camp so special. We can’t wait to see you again next summer!


Here’s a recap of our 2023 Adventure & Bike Ventures Camp season:


Camp staffMeet our wonderful team of camp counsellors.


Adventure Camp FeteStorytelling using story stones in the Willow Dome.


Adventure Camp FeteLearning about the birds we can find in the Don Valley.


Kid playing at Adventure CampMaking bracelets together during Friday Fu00eate.


Kids playing in the Children's GardenWood cookie burning with magnifying glasses.


Children looking at the pondPond exploration at the Brick Works.


Child hanging up artCreative photo printing with the senior explorers.


Art on the table in the Children's GardenCampers drew their own nature cartoon characters.


Water playWater play is an essential part of our camp culture.


Campers bikingCampers adventuring around the Brick Works on their bikes.


CharlotteMeet Charlotte, aka Rhubarb, our specialist craft programmer.


Camp ConcertEvery Friday we sing songs, share jokes, act and perform at Camp Concert.


Solar Engraved Camp SignThank you all for a wonderful summer.


The great news is that the fun doesn’t have to stop here! If you’re interested in our fall programs at Evergreen Brick Works, write to or visit to learn more.