Our cities don't have to be grey.

Support vibrant public places
This Summer, invest in vibrant, irresistible public places that bring our cities to life.

The magic of public places

Green, climate-ready public spaces are essential for the health of people and our planet.

When public spaces are designed with nature at their core, they become the roots of a strong community. Did you know they’re proven to increase:

  • People’s physical and mental wellbeing
  • Social cohesion within communities
  • A city’s resilience to natural disasters
  • The biodiversity of urban ecosystems

Now, more than ever, these places are critical to the health and wellbeing of people and our planet as we strive for a better world for generations to come.

Why Place Matters

Help shape greener cities

Transforming public spaces is a vital step in shaping a healthy future for generations to come. This change takes all of us. After all, the future is shaped by what we all do today. So be a part of ensuring that our cities are vibrant, green, and bursting with life.


The proof is in the places

These groundbreaking projects show what’s possible in public spaces. Working with local communities and experts across Canada, we’ve transformed these spaces into irrisistable, accessible, climate-ready places where people and nature can thrive side by side. Each unique project illustrates that human activity doesn’t have to mean environmental destruction and that great places impact communities today and for generations to come.

Public Places

Your impact

By supporting great public places, you can help solve some of the biggest crises impacting our world today. Learn how below.

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