Walmart–Evergreen Green Grants

Our deadline for 2015 is now past. Check out our list of this year's recipients.

After 11 successful years of offering the Green Grants program with the support of Walmart Canada, unfortunately Evergreen will not be able to offer this particular grant program in 2016. We are incredibly proud to have supported over 600 community greening projects from coast to coast and are impressed with the achievements of our community partners.

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Walmart Canada and Evergreen have partnered to offer this national program, funding community-based initiatives across Canada. Projects supported through the Green Grants program include, but are not limited to:

  • Native planting initiatives
  • Invasive species removal
  • Community food gardens
  • Youth-based and intergenerational projects
  • Wildlife habitat restoration
  • Aquatic stewardship projects
  • Environmental workshops and educational events
  • Community skills sharing workshops
  • Projects serving underserved communities

Amount offered: grants of $10,000, $5,000, and $3,500 are available (up to 50% of the total project budget)


Available to Canadian community groups and non-profit organizations working on community development and environmental initiatives such as those listed above.

Eligible groups must be working collaboratively with a local municipality, institutional or other project partner(s).

Projects must be located on publicly accessible lands.

Each applicant may submit one grant application per year.

Projects developed on land belonging to a public school board are only eligible for funding through the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds funding program.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include:

  • Native plant material (plants, trees, shrubs, wildflowers)
  • Gardening supplies and tools and other building materials
  • Educational and communication materials
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Health and safety supplies
  • Transportation
  • Wages, salaries, honoraria and professional consulting services (up to 20% of Green Grant funding requested)

For a full list of what’s eligible and what’s not, please see our Application Guide below.

 * For a list of native plants in your region, visit Evergreen’s Native Plant Database. Applicants are encouraged to consult local ecologists to determine appropriate native plant species for projects and to source local genetic stock where possible in order to foster biodiversity.

How to Apply

Please review the Application Guide for essential information on completing your application.

2015 Walmart–Evergreen Green Grants Application Form (Word DOC, 1.1 MB)

2015 Walmart–Evergreen Green Grants Application Guide (PDF, 205 KB)

Fill out the application, attach all required materials, and submit your hard copy application by mail or courier. Faxed and emailed applications will not be accepted.

Your hard copy application must be received in the Evergreen office by February 2, 5pm. Late applications will not be accepted.

Grant Recipient Responsibilities

If your project is selected, you will be asked to:

  • Obtain all necessary permits and approvals
  • Submit photos, news clippings, receipts and a final report to Evergreen
  • Agree to participate, if requested, in the promotion of your project locally and/or nationally (e.g. press release or press event)


If you have further questions, please contact:
National: 1-888-426-3138 x310
Local: 416-596-1495 x310

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