September 1, 2015

Easy Homemade Recipes from the Farmers’ Market

Monica poses in her kitchen while preparing a dish. (photo: Monica)
Evergreen's newest local food recipe developer and guest blogger Monica. (photo: Evergreen)

Introducing Monica, Evergreen’s newest local food recipe developer and guest blogger. Monica is passionate about farmers markets, fresh food and delicious recipes. Every other Wednesday we will be featuring one of Monica’s Easy Homemade Farmer’s Market Recipes that are made with ingredients that can be found at local farmers' markets in Canada. 

Monica's whole cooking journey started in the summer of 2014 with baking, making simple, from-scratch, granola bars. She still remembers her first batch, loaded with various nuts, seeds, oats, sweetened with honey, and using almond butter to bind everything together. What really surprised the reluctant cook was how quick and easy they were to make: She had made about 24 granola bars in less than 20 minutes and never bought the pre-packaged versions again.

Just a couple months later, Monica started venturing into more elaborate dinner dishes like goulash and moussaka and during this time she discovered the multitude of farmers markets in Toronto. "I remember the first time I visited the market and how taken aback I was by the gorgeous produce, and fresh meats and cheeses," Monica says. Since that day, she has not looked back. "I am lucky enough in Toronto where there are farmers markets lasting through the winter, so even in the snowiest months, I can still rely on them for my fresh and local grocery shopping."

It is Monica’s hope that she can pass on some of the recipes that she has found to be reliable staples for herself, so that you can start your own cooking journey, and maybe one day share your experiences as well. All of Monica’s recipes can be found on her website. 


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