5 Valentine’s Day Farmer’s Market Treats You Can’t Miss

Skip the drugstore chocolate aisle this year and head over to Evergreen Brick Works for truly unique and memorable Valentine’s Day gifts. If you're looking for Valentine's Day activities at Evergreen Brick Works, click here. 

Mila’s Splendid Sweets

Bring home the perfect finale to your Valentine’s dinner! Mila’s delicious artisan cakes are handcrafted with the highest attention to detail, and a focus on healthful ingredients. Buttercreams are coloured with beet and carrot juice, nuts are slow-roasted to retain their health benefits, and only steel and copper bakeware is used. Mila’s Splendid Sweets is all about the best, and your Valentine will taste the difference.

Photo from Milla's Splendid Sweets Instagram

Chocolates x Brandon Olsen

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Brandon Olsen’s gorgeous chocolate artwork, and maybe share one (or two) with someone special… maybe. Flavours like Orange Blossom Honey and Raspberry Rose Fennel create an intricate palette of perfectly balanced flavours.

Photo from Chocolates by Brandon Olsen Instagram

Chocolate Body Paint

If you’re not eating your chocolate alone... Café Belong is selling house-made chocolate body paint complete with a wooden paint brush. Pick it up while it lasts! 

Chocosol Chocolates

With flavours like Luscious Coconut, Sinfully Raw Vanilla, Darkness and Five Chili, Chocosol’s chocolates are sinfully delicious and they will have Valentine’s Day packages available to purchase on Saturday’s Farmer’s Market. 

Garden Market Sweets

If you can’t make it to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, the Garden Market has a wealth of dark and milk chocolates from Soma with options like wild cherry, pineapple or roasted almonds. If you’re not into chocolate, there’s also sponge toffee, biscotti, and cashew nut brittle. 


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