September 30, 2015

6 Tips for Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

Tulip bulbs in all colours are available at the Evergreen Garden Market (photo: Blair Smith)

Fall is the perfect time to plant your spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, crocuses and allium. Avid gardener and Evergreen Garden Market’s Manager, Aaron Harpell, has six expert tips for planting your spring bulbs.

Plant Now for Early Spring Colour

Some of the best early bulbs include snowdrops and crocus.  These will emerge shortly after the snow melts and even while some snow is still on the ground. Crocus flowers come in a wide variety of colours from mauve to deep purple to golden yellow. To get the most enjoyment out of their early flowering time, plant these low flowers in your front garden but away from the areas that get the highest piles of snow.

Plan Brilliant Colour Combinations

Tulips make for a stunning and colourful display in the spring.  Consider planting them in front of evergreen shrubs for a strong presence against green backdrop.

Go for Some Show

For a late-spring punch of colour, giant alliums (think pom poms on sticks) bring wonderful purple blooms into your landscape. And bonus: Since they are related to the onion, squirrels generally do not disturb this giant bulb.

Be Natural

Daffodils bring a wonderful punch of yellow into the spring garden and when the flowers that look like happy faces are planned in clumps or drifts, they are eye catching! Plant the bulbs in a sunny area with good drainage and they will form a natural colony and begin to multiply (naturalize).

Confuse the Squirrels

When digging in spring bulbs, place a tulip bulb at the bottom of the hole.  Then place a daffodil bulb on top of the tulip. Squirrels, who like to dig up tulip bulbs but do not eat daffodil bulbs, will be foiled and leave them alone.

Try Something New

We all love tulips and daffodils, but have you tried anemone, fritillaria or summer snowflakes (Leucojum aestivum)? You’ll be dazzled!

What else do you need to do in the garden this fall? Read our five easy ideas to get your garden ready for the spring.

Written by: Jennifer Reynolds, Director - Marketing & Communications, Evergreen


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