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Cultivating tomorrow's environmental champions
1 million
kids helped make their school greener.
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Supporting local, healthy and sustainable food
Oil saved on a regional vs typical long distance diet
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Advancing innovation to green cities
2 billion
Gallons of gas saved by one 6.4 km bike trip

What's New

Gardening For Good
We interviewed Shannon Gibney, Recreation Therapist at the Trout Lake Tertiary Mental Health Rehab Unit (TRU)...
Greenspace Aug 24, 2015
Where to Pick Blueberries in Ontario
Blueberries taste best when they are fresh. Here's a list of blueberry farms in Ontario. Happy...
Food Aug 21, 2015
The Ultimate Blueberry Pie Recipe
Blueberry Pie is the ultimate summer dessert and because there's no peeling or pitting required, it's...
Food Aug 13, 2015
Summer Reading List
Here’s four books that will inspire you to savour, preserve and keep you thinking about...
Food Aug 13, 2015

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