Our Impact

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Creation and conservation of urban greenspace through community greening projects
m3 of invasive species removed from North Vancouver Parks
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Cultivating tomorrow's environmental champions
schools transformed into green learning spaces
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Supporting local, healthy and sustainable food
contributed by the Farmers' Market to the local economy
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Advancing innovation to green cities
2 billion
Gallons of gas saved by one 6.4 km bike trip

What's New

How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree
Fir, pine and spruce...there are many Christmas tree types to choose from. Even DIY! (Trust...
Nov 19, 2015
10 Easy Care Tips for Your Christmas Tree
The local plant experts at the Evergreen Garden Market have 10 easy tips to help you take...
Nov 17, 2015
Locally Grown, Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are the Right Choice
Four reasons why a locally grown, fresh cut Christmas tree is a sustainable choice you can...
Nov 17, 2015
The Many Faces of Housing Photo Exhibit
Open to the public Tuesday November 17 7:30-9:30, Wednesday November 18 7:30 – 4PM
CityWorks Nov 13, 2015

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