Our Impact

Creation and conservation of urban greenspace through community greening projects
m3 of invasive species removed from North Vancouver Parks
Cultivating tomorrow's environmental champions
kids helped make their school greener.
1 million
Supporting local, healthy and sustainable food
Oil saved on a regional vs typical long distance diet
Advancing innovation to clean cities
Gallons of gas saved by one 6.4 km bike trip
2 billion

What's New

The Failure Blog

If we keep doing the same thing over...

CityWorks Nov 24, 2014
Winter Round Dance: Honouring the Traditional Teachings

Celebrating with friends, family, and community is one...

Nov 21, 2014
Ingredient of the Week: Cabbage

This week we used cabbage as our inspiration...

FoodChildren Nov 19, 2014
The Copenhagen Invasion

Evergreen Brick Works recently organized two international events...

CityWorksChildren Nov 18, 2014

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