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Creation and conservation of urban greenspace through community greening projects
m3 of invasive species removed from North Vancouver Parks
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Cultivating tomorrow's environmental champions
schools transformed into green learning spaces
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Supporting local, healthy and sustainable food
Oil saved on a regional vs typical long distance diet
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Advancing innovation to green cities
2 billion
Gallons of gas saved by one 6.4 km bike trip

What's New

Statement from members of the GTA Housing Action Lab
City of Toronto “Open Door” program will build more affordable housing in Toronto
CityWorks Apr 29, 2015
Re-imaging Children’s Spaces in Winnipeg
The Medicine Wheel Garden at Shaughnessy Park School is a great example of student initiative and...
Children Apr 29, 2015
Evergreen Takes on Halifax — A Look Back at 2014
Action packed, exciting, innovative and full of new ideas - 2014 proved to be quite the year...
CityWorksGreenspace Apr 27, 2015
5 Things Employees are Saying About Your Sustainability Policies
A recent survey by Staples Advantage Canada set out to determine the environmental habits of companies...
Apr 22, 2015

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