Our Impact

Creation and conservation of urban greenspace through community greening projects
m3 of invasive species removed from North Vancouver Parks
Cultivating tomorrow's environmental champions
kids helped make their school greener.
1 million
Supporting local, healthy and sustainable food
Oil saved on a regional vs typical long distance diet
Advancing innovation to clean cities
Gallons of gas saved by one 6.4 km bike trip
2 billion

What's New

Shop, skate and play this holiday at Evergreen Brick Works

Still looking for that perfect, locally made gift?...

Dec 18, 2014
Food and greenspace come together in Scarborough

At the planting event this past fall, it...

ChildrenGreenspace Dec 15, 2014
Evergreen partners with Bell Local to explore the city’s wilder side

Evergreen has teamed up with BellLocal Toronto to...

FoodGreenspace Dec 15, 2014
Celebrating 10 years of our Green Grants program

Evergreen has partnered with Walmart Canada to offer...

FoodGreenspace Dec 10, 2014

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